Sunday, January 8, 2012

David and Saul

We as Americans do not like following the leadership particularly the political leaders of
the USA. We offer our opinions on everything they say and do and are ready to remove
them from office immediately when they do something we do not agree with. Particularly
we in the church of whom Jesus Christ is the head do we want to remove especially after.
a change. When the pastor of evangelical church has been in place for years and then
moves, then a new pastor is in place, things change because the new pastor emphasizes
new aspects. The congregants want to remove him and go back to the old pastors ways.
God, however, has different ideas. God wants to reach the community and when He
moves a pastor on is not the time to leave.

God chose Saul to be the first king of Israel. However, after he had been in office for
a short while God told Samuel to anoint David as the next king. Now David had all
the reason to think now he should be installed as king, however, God wanted him to
wait for a while. Even while Saul was chasing David down to kill him, David did not
rebel against him as king. This is our example in a church leadership change. We are
not to pickup and leave just because the old familiar leadership is out. God wants to
teach us new things. Our post is to pray for the leadership and support it as much as
we can. Our post is to believe God and follow, not to criticize that "he is not doing
the same (old) thing that the old pastor would have done", no, now is a new day and
God is doing a new thing.